Good Mood Foods

Pop Quiz!!!

1.      True or False? 

You are what you eat.” 

a.       True

b.      False

2.      Would you rather be known as:

a.       Fresh and vibrant 

b.      A bland heap

3.      Would you rather leave people feeling:

a.       Energized and all-around good

b.      Icky and a little queasy 

4.      Would you rather people describe you as:

a.       Colorful and natural

b.      Bland and ridiculously fake

If you answered ‘A’ to each of the questions above. YOU PASSED! 

There truly is something to that old adage, “You are what you eat.” I mean, yeah, we all give into the fully-loaded supreme, sugar-laden, fried and processed, salt-overloaded “so bad…but so good” indulgences every once in a while. Which I think is completely fine and good for those moments when we want to live dangerously or do something sinful and fun. But, take a moment to think about how you feel after those indulgences? They are a slice of heaven in the moment, but then we all have had at least a slight tinge of guilt or sickish feelings in the aftermath.


A (VERY) Brief Scientific Overview

And these feelings are warranted! Research has shown that an unhealthy diet can really have an awful impact on us overall. Making unhealthy eating a habit can lead to:

  • Obesity

  • Increased risk of heart disease

  • Increased risk of cancers and other diseases

  • Increased risk of Type II diabetes and tooth decay

  • Depression and other mental disorders

  • Lack of motivation

  • Decreased energy and brain function

  • Increased stress and overall unhappiness

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Along with a number of other negative effects on quality of life.

In comparison, a diet rich in healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, “good fats”, protein, and whole grains, can do the exact opposite of an unhealthy diet! Those who are conscious about their diet tend to have:

  • Leaner bodies

  • Decreased risk of heart disease and other major diseases

  • Increased levels of energy and motivation

  • Decreased chances of falling into depressive or low mood and mental states

  • Increased brain function

  • Increased lifespan and overall happiness

Healthy eating is one way that we practice self-loveself-care and, like self-love, it impacts a number of intertwining facets that make us who we are. A well-balanced and healthy diet can impact our mind, body, and soul. It’s almost like a ripple effect.

Today, I wanted to share with you some mood-boosting foods. After all, a good mood can trickle down and leave a wave of positivity in ways that we may never even expect! While this list is not all-inclusive and may contain items that you prefer not to include in your diet, it is a starting point. 


Mood-Boosting Foods to Consider

Mood boosting bites.png


Need I say more? Actually, yes. I do not mean the typical candy bar we pick up in a quick stop. I’m talking true dark chocolate or raw and natural cacao, as it contains endorphins and tryptophan, which are both known as “feel-good” mood boosters. Also, the very act of sinking your teeth into a luscious silky bite of chocolate and slowly letting it melt in your mouth…kind of makes all stressors in your life melt away, too…


Particularly salmon and those filled with omega-3 fatty acids & happiness-inducing B-12. Fish is a mood-boosting, heart-healthy, brain power force! 

Fruits and Veggies:

Eat the rainbow! Various fruits and vegetables each provide their own special boost of goodness, but, they all contain feel-good nutrients and vitamins that provide us with energy and some all-around mood enhancing nosh moments. And besides, just looking at a plate or bowl full of bright, colorful, and natural goodness can put a smile on anyone’s face!


We all have heard the amazing benefits of drinking tea, but did you know that a warm cup of tea can also impact your mood? For calming effects, teas such as lavender, chamomile, ginseng, lemon-balm and peppermint can soothe and ease. To energize and focus, teas such as green, black, and turmeric may do the trick!

Whole grains:

Whole grains are known to help you maintain proper blood-sugar levels, which then in turn stabilizes your mood! Most whole grains also contain tryptophan, which helps you feel good and relaxed. 


These crunchy little antioxidant and healthy fats-packed morsels also contain serotonin for a feel good punch! Cashews in particular are believed to reduce anxiety, stress, and mild forms of depression.

Have you transformed your diet to a more healthful and mood-boosting regimen? If so, we’d love to hear all about it! Please share in the comments below. 



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