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It’s May! One of the greatest months of the year! Everything about this month just sings pleasure and harmony. From the word itself…“May”… to the images and emotions that the month conjures up within us. There is something magical about May that enlivens and inspires us to rise up from our groggy winter slumber and to get moving!

You’ve already seen my post on activating your 4R’s and in the importance of self-care? Well, May is the perfect month for that. Mountain trails are calling your name, beach towns are abuzz, and the weather is just perfect for day trips and weekend getaways.

Why an Emotions Travel Kit?

Such adventures in and explorations of self-care and self-discovery not only spark joy and create lasting memories, but they also are essential for well-being and health. However, sometimes emotions can run wild, even in these delightful and freeing moments. Particularly if you are prone to anxious or worried thoughts, or if an unplanned and undesired situation arises in your quest for warm weather joy. The last thing any of us want is to lose those precious moments of self-care and of good old fashioned FUN to something that triggers a negative emotion or response. That is why it may be a good idea to consider packing an emotions travel kit! Just like you may prepare for travel with some extra cash in your pocket, a phone charger, or routes pre-plugged in to Waze, you may also want to prepare for unplanned emotional experiences with a kit to quell unwanted feelings.

What to Pack

When thinking about what to pack in your travel kit, try to consider ways to quiet more than just your mind. As you learned in my post on calming anxieties, you need to first ensure your body is regulated before you can truly move on to calming your mind and easing your emotions. You can do this by giving attention and care to your senses, as well as to your kinesthetic needs. To jump start your travel kit packing ideas, here is a list of areas to consider:

  • Visual sensory input: calming and comforting visuals


  1. Simply looking out the window or taking in the new surroundings/appreciating the variation from your norm/noticing the beauty and details in the moment

  2. I-Spy tubes or books

  3. Carry postcards or pictures that evoke happy memories

  • Proprioceptive input: body movements and/or items that you can use on your person to calm your body


  1. Bring a mini massager to melt area knots of tension

  2. Practice progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) techniques

  3. Stretch and/or engage in yoga

  4. Carry a weighted or heated travel blanket or pillow

  • Oral sensory input: various edibles or items meant for oral stimulation


  1. Carry chewing gum

  2. Bring hard candies and mints to suck on

  3. Carry a healthy and comforting snack (be sure to savor every bite mindfully)

  4. Bring a chewie

  • Auditory sensory input: sounds/music that soothe and comfort


  1. Bring noise cancelling headphones

  2. Keep a pair of soothing sounds earbuds in your kit

  3. Listen to your favorite songs or create a calming playlist beforehand

  • Scent sensory input: scents that carry you to a place of tranquil peace


  1. Carry essential oils of calming scents

  2. Carry a specific perfume or lotion that immediately calms you or brings back a good memory

  • Other relaxation and distraction tools


  1. Practice tapping and mantras

  2. Deep breathe and visualize

  3. Practice mindfulness or another form of meditation

  4. Take a walk and clear your head

  5. Create doodles or watch a page come alive in an adult coloring book or mandala

  6. Watch a funny YouTube clip or escape with a good book

So, there you have it. A jump start to packing your ultimate emotional travel kit. Be sure to add in any and all items that travel well and are personal to you and your needs.

I'd love to hear some other additions you have to your own kit! Please comment below if you'd be willing to share! Safe and pleasant travels!


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