Summertime Feels

Summertime Feels

I am sure I’m not alone when I say that I LOVE SUMMER!

It seems like the daily grind norms are just a tad more enjoyable when they can be done in that “windows down” kind of weather. Like a cheesy 80’s power ballad or those cute animal clips you see on social media, summer pumps me up and gives me the “feels” like no other season.

And it’s always the small things: taking my dog “the long way” on our walks and checking out the summerscapes, seeing more smiling and perky faces out and about, hanging around my condo in a ratty t-shirt and just basking in the cross breeze of windows up and ceiling fans whirling…

Since I’m blissfully immersed in my summertime feels, I naturally want to pass that light along. Because if there is one thing better than seasonal euphoria, it’s the chance of spreading that euphoria to others! I want you to join the summertime feels club! Below are some ideas to get you in that summer state of mind:


Summertime Perk Up Possibilities

Try something new

  • Paddle boarding.

  • Tai chi.

  • Pickle ball.

  • Brew master class.

  • Spinach & bacon flavored froyo.

Keep an eye out for the opportunity to try something new. Check out some social event sites, try a new ethnic food, hit up that off-the-wall-looking shop you’ve been curious about. If something peeks, or has peeked your interest in the past, what better time to dive right in? Summer is the season of novelty and chutzpa!


Enjoy summer’s bounty

Stop by a farmers market or your local orchard. Chat with the local farmers and growers. Indulge your senses with the bright, vibrant and luscious tastes of the summer produce! Or how about frolicking in a field and picking some wildflowers? Just be sure to take in and appreciate the rainbow of brilliant goods that the season has to offer.


Plant a garden

Even in an urban setting, you can bring the therapeutic and satisfying experience of gardening to into your life. Get creative and utilize whatever space you have! I personally have a fruit and veggies container garden on my deck, as well as some very interesting herb hacks set up on my windowsills. Basil in eggshells, anyone?


Take a nap

It’s hot out. You have the fan blowing and birds chirping outside. Go ahead…you need it and you deserve it.


Allow yourself some WE time

Summer is the perfect time for socializing! Host a bbq or an outdoor tea party and invite all of your friends. Take day trips with your family. Have impromptu picnics. Even just window shopping will provide you a great opportunity to get out with those whom you hold dear and to meet new people. Schedules (and people) are typically more flexible in the summer-take advantage of that and reconnect!


Allow yourself some ME time

Remember our post on self-care? Yes, summer is the perfect time for socializing but, don’t neglect that essential time for yourself. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day to breathe and decompress. Be sure to set aside a block each day for you.


Read a book

Ahh, summer reads on the porch or on a blanket outside. What could be better? For more, check out this post!


Play a game

Take yourself back to childhood and let yourself go! Be carefree! Slip in slides or water balloons or beach volleyball-whatever it may be. Just forget about adult-ing and let loose!


Take a walk

You won’t believe how much a simple summer stroll can do for you. For more, check out this post.


Change your scene up

Take a different route home. Take a spontaneous day trip. Take a vaca! Explore new places and check out new sites. Whether it’s something vastly different or just a slight shift in your everyday, a change of scene can breathe fresh life in and inspire you.


Go on a yard sale adventure

Grab a friend and spend an afternoon yard sale hunting! Just get in the car and go. Pick up some quirky and out-of-the-norm items that you otherwise wouldn’t think twice about, or find that treasure you didn’t know you needed!


Spend the night under the stars or watch the sun set

Tie up a hammock, toss a blanket in the bed of a pickup (not a random pickup, of course), pitch a tent, get cozy in a sleeping bag in the backyard...just watching the sun set or sleeping outside on a pleasant night is an experience to be had.


Startup that grill and unleash your inner Flay

Invite your loved ones over for a potluck cookout! Even if you’ve never grilled before, guaranteed someone has and can assist! Steak? Grill ‘er up. Kabobs? Grill ‘er up. Peaches? Romaine? Veggie burgers? Grill ‘er up. Get inventive and play like you’re a grill master! Even if your efforts are an epic fail, there will still be fun and laughs and memories made…victory!


Download a constellation app

Chill out on the deck or rooftop or yard for a few minutes each night and get to know the universe and all of its splendor. You’d be amazed at how calming this is, and how your mind automatically turns into its existential mode.


Check your local listings

Every town, city, region, has a tourist website. See what’s happening locally and hit up some new spots! Movies in the park? Wine fests? Concerts in the community park? Take the time to get out and socialize, enjoy the perks of where you live, and to just switch your life up a little.


Practice Self-exploration

Be brave. Unleash and get to know yourself. It’s unbelievable what self-exploration can do for your overall happiness.


Make pancakes from scratch

Take a lazy summer Sunday and to indulge in good old fashioned homemade pancakes. Maybe toss some blueberries or chocolate chips or sprinkles in the mix and top with a whipped cream smiley face!



Taking time to give back via a cause that you are passionate about can completely transform you in a positive way. Do some research and see what opportunities are: (a) doable for you, and that (b) spark something inside of you. You’ll be glad that you did and the feelings that come with this act will stay with you.


Share a banana split on a picnic bench with a loved one

Because why not? Sharing a fun light-hearted sweet summer treat like a banana split will leave you feeling downright happy all over!


Laugh at yourself

Belt out at a Karaoke Bar, have a dance contest, take part in a water balloon fight…step outside of your comfort zone and just LAUGH!


You Do YOU

Set goals, reflect, make a change for the better, allow yourself to feel happy. You are a remarkable person and you should let yourself shine this summer!


Do you have any activities or tips to ignite those summertime feels? Please share in the comments sections below!



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