The 4R's of Spring

Ahh, springtime. 

A time when we can step out from our cold weather hibernation, stretch our weary bodies, and take a deep replenishing breath of fresh air! A time when bees buzz, animals frolic and vibrant blossoms pull us out of our winter haze. With such an awakening of nature and the world around us, springtime brings with it the opportunity to rejuvenate and to press our own reset button! It is the perfect moment for us to refocus our intentions, to find new inspiration, and to reset. I call this the 4R’s of spring: rejuvenaterefresh, refocus, and reset.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? There is only one question that remains...where to begin.

For many reasons, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where we need to activate our 4R’s. We oftentimes know that something in our lives needs to change, but we aren't quite sure what that something is. Or, we may have a good sense of the something…we just get lost as to how to reach it. We may feel the need to start something new, to change something about ourselves or our surroundings, or to completely take away some negative or unhelpful element that has been holding us back. 

One way to determine specifically how you'd like to activate your 4R's is to simply look closer. Take a mindful step back from the big picture and notice the tiny details. 

When we focus on the parts that create the whole, we discover something new about ourselves, our intentions, and about those areas in our lives that could use a little springtime sprucing. Below are some areas to consider in your 4R journey. They are the three domains of mind, body, and soul. You can also find an easy exercise to support you in determining your 4R's and taking action here


  1. Hobbies and/or skills

  2. Social interactions, family, and friendships

  3. Your personal joy factor-what makes you happy?

  4. Career advancement, development, or alterations


  1. Physical activity

  2. Eating habits

  3. Sleeping habits

  4. Medical conditions


  1. Spirituality

  2. Meditation

  3. Alternative healing therapies

  4. Combination of focused mind and body awareness

So, are you ready to rejuvenaterefresh, refocus, and reset

In the next post, we will be delving further into this concept. I share with you ways to look at specifics from every angle of your springtime goals, as well as ways to take action. Cheers!


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